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Hello there.

My name is Wren Brock, and I'm the writer and photographer behind The Coffee Journals. This blog started as a testimony to my love of literature, veered into personal writing, and now aims to be a more studied combination of both. I consider reading the highest form of solitude and books my best of friends, not to mention my first love.

I grew up on the outskirts of a small southern town in South Carolina, where I spent many afternoons nestled in the corner of my window seat with a book in my lap. In 2012, I graduated from the University of South Carolina, an English major with a distinction in writing, and an underwhelmed bank teller. I now work in the mortgage industry. I've been published twice (see here and here), and write this blog for creative compensation.

My approach to living favors simplicity, laughter, and a refreshing glass of wine. I'm dedicated to practicing life as an art form, which inspires many of the themes in my writing. So not only do I want to make this a friendly and entertaining space, I want to make it reverent, insightful, and well-meaning. I'm at that awkward stage of my 20s where life appears to go everywhere and yet nowhere, something I want to mold from my own experiences into useful, dare I say it, content. This is where I derived the name. When I first began writing under this title, I envisioned small doses of thought-provoking language that packed a considerable punch. You'll notice, though, that sometimes I like to take my time with a story, tease out the nuances of the experience, and really hone in on what I learned from it. Sometimes we just need a quick shot of espresso and other times we need the whole venti, you know? That's what you'll find here—variety.

Thank you for dropping by.