the coffee journals wren brock

Hi there,

My name is Wren, a daydreaming bookish oenophile (who also loves coffee [of course] & tea). The Coffee Journals is my little digital notebook of interesting finds and explorative thought.

I'm an only child who grew up in the deep woods of a small southern town in South Carolina where I spent many a day nestled in my window seat rapturously reading books. I attended college at the University of South Carolina in Columbia where I now work, and float between developing a social life and indulging my introversion within the confines of my home. When I do go out, I like to catch an indie film at The Nick, browse the market on Main, schmooze with my friends at Lula Drake, or browse the many art galleries and used bookstores in the area. Obviously, I am fairly low-key. What I lack in a partying spirit, however, I make up for with a dry, sarcastic wit (actually, I will totally party, I just need a few glasses of wine first, hold my purse).

Though I consider myself a writer, my email signature at work says I'm a mortgage assistant. I spend my days ordering financial documents, liaising with paralegals, and uploading loan materials. Before this, I worked as a bank teller while attending college. Though my charming awkwardness has persisted through the years, my desire to better engage with people has grown significantly. It is my hope that this space can act as both a record of and effort in connecting with my community to hone fruitful relationships. Thank you for dropping by. I hope I made your visit both enlightening and enjoyable.

Have a lovely day,